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  • My memo to the Crime and Justice Transparency Sector Panel

    May 2nd, 2012

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    Last March 13th, hospital I gave a presentation to the above panel about the issues we were experiencing with crime data provision – so for your interest here it is. I’m still waiting to see the minutes of that meeting which are still not posted up on the data.gov.uk website – well nobody said government was fast !

    In the meantime, police.uk finally got round to releasing the March 2012 figures yesterday evening 6 days late – with no ready explanation for developers as usual. We are working on the update now and will have it ready for you in a few days. What I can reveal is that we are showing a total of 538,534 crimes and ASB incidents for March 2012 compared to 463,241 for February.


    Article source: http://www.ukcrimestats.com/blog/2012/05/02/my-memo-to-the-crime-and-justice-transparency-sector-panel/