Any problems/questions? Always get in touch!

January 28th, 2019

I don’t bite !

We just had an example where I wish people would get in touch more quickly. Our fault, a bug. We discovered that there was a short while when new Paypal subscribers were not being written to our membership database – so they were not able to access UKCrimeStats as subscribers. Only one of them told me which is why I didn’t immediately realise what was going on. Everyone of those have now got access. Those who cancelled have had a full refund and 3 months free membership. I have written to all parties concerned.

We have also recently renewed our SSL certificate and all addresses start with https which means that you see the green padlock sign next to it and that it is secure.

Always, always feel free to get in touch direct with me on or on 07900 245 306 if you have any problems or questions.