Crime per Hectare – a new metric for subscribers

July 16th, 2016

UKCrimeStats is excited to now offer subscribers a new metric – Crime per Hectare. To explain;

In the history of crime statistics. First came total crime per given area. The shortcoming of this were that areas varied hugely in size and population.

Then came crime rate – a way of deflating the impact of crime relative to the size of population. This too can vary quite a bit because people don’t stay still and residential and daytime populations particularly in City Centres are hugely different.

Now we have a new metric that allows you to compare any geospatial shape of any size against another – crime per hectare. We have taken care to capture all surface area calculations so that every area, ed seek not matter how large or small can be compared by crime per hectare. Right now this is available on Postcode Sectors, purchase Postcode Districts, Lower and Middle Super Output Areas – we will roll it out across everything shortly.

A further iteration we are also working at is Crime Rate per Hectare which should more or less cover all iterations – area, population and total – watch this space.




Now updated to May for Property Prices and Crime data

July 5th, 2016

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