We now have historical property prices across England and Wales

April 28th, 2015

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You’ll see a new bar on our menu, capsule see here;

National Picture http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/NationalPicture

By constituency http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/Constituency

By subdivision http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/Subdivision

By postcode district http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/Postcode_Districts

By postcode sector http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/Postcode_Sectors

By lower layer super output area http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/LSOA

By middle super output area http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/MSOA

To run reports and export the data, treat just join up here http://ukcrimestats.com/MembersArea/ .