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  • Property prices now updated to August 2015

    October 3rd, 2015

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    As always, we urge caution as the latest month is usually only half-complete. We have noted significant revisions in the previous few months too – so have made a habit of refreshing all data from the beginning of the year from the Land Registry.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/10/02/property-prices-now-updated-to-august-2015/

    Crime and property prices data uploaded for July 2015

    September 15th, 2015

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    We have also “refreshed” historical data from Dec 2010 to Dec 2012 – and have kept a record of the previous data files, Scroll down this page to see source data files so you can see how they have changed if you want to.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/09/15/crime-and-property-prices-data-uploaded-for-july-2015/

    Experimenting with design layout . . .

    August 26th, 2015

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    Let us know your thoughts on crime@economicpolicycentre.com – we had no choice really as most people now access this site by mobile and tablet we have now added a google searchbox – our bespoke searchbox is still available further down the page on the right.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/08/26/experimenting-with-design-layout/

    All postcodes now with 0.5 and 0.25 mile radius crime calculations

    August 25th, 2015

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    Today, most Britons live at relatively high population density in an urban environment and don’t move around that much on foot from where they live or work. A mile can actually cover very different neighbourhoods or include hotspots that may have little bearing on your immediate environment. That’s why we realised that we needed to add in two new radius levels for crime for all 1.7 million postcodes (except Scotland). As you’ll see here in this example postcode;


    there is a dropdown box for 0.5 and 0.25 miles as well as the default of 1 mile.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/08/25/all-postcodes-now-with-0-5-and-0-25-mile-radius-crime-calculations/

    Property prices now updated to May 2015

    July 15th, 2015

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    As always, a word of caution, the last month’s sales – property prices paid in England and Wales – are typically at least 50% missing – see here http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/NationalPicture#Totals – so we would fully expect when we have the next month’s data to see May’s figures revised from 23,371 up to the 50-80k range.

    Please note this is different data from the ONS House price index which uses mortgage financed transactions data collected by the Council of Mortgage Lenders which does not cover all mortgage lenders. And not everyone buys with a mortgage of course. We use the Land Registry data, which details each transaction and location.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/07/15/property-prices-now-updated-to-may-2015/

    Crime data now updated to May 2015

    July 12th, 2015

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    Property data for May 2015 will be updated shortly too. We’ve also fixed a couple of bugs that creeped in;

    i) http://ukcrimestats.com/LSOA/ – the report and export generating function is now working flawlessly

    ii) http://ukcrimestats.com/MembersArea/Analysis/ (only visible to subscribers) – this page which allows users to see which Police Force all the way down to subdivision, postcode sector, workzone etc. had the largest or smallest increase by percentage or total / or specific type of crime across the whole country between two dates. This is now working well too.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/07/12/crime-data-now-updated-to-may-2015/

    Some of the features of our property price database

    July 12th, 2015

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    We will shortly have May 2015 data uploaded for property prices. One of the things we’ve noticed by the way with property data is the latest month is always incomplete – see here http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/NationalPicture#Totals . Basically, the latest month is always less than 50% complete. And the previous few months are often heavily revised, the earlier data is much more stable. So we are taking our time to make sure that it is correct.

    In the meantime, we’re quite excited about the new capabilities we can offer subscribers, here’s just one;

    1. http://ukcrimestats.com/PropertySales/Analysis the ability to see across the whole of England and Wales, which subdivision, postcode district/sector, LSOA or MSOA, had the greatest increase/decrease in either total value of sales or average price or even maximum or minimum price between two selected time points of all types of properties or filtered according to property type?

    You can also export the data too so you can get a very clear national snapshot based on price paid data.


    Article source: http://ukcrimestats.com/blog/2015/07/12/some-of-the-features-of-our-property-price-database/