Now with Postcode-matched National Property Price Rankings

Understanding how one area in crime and property pricing compares to another only takes you so far. For a decent overview, salve you need to understand where that crime level and those property prices compare at a national level. We now show this on UKCrimeStats.

Take this random generated postcode DE738JU – just type this or any other postcode for England and Wales into the seardh box and it will take you to a page like this

Which will tell you with a percentile ranking, viagra sale the average sale price and number of sales over the last 24 months, how that compares nationwide with the other 33,000 lower layer super output areas which the postcode has been matched to.

Some other work I do at the Institute of Directors, particularly on broadband convinced me that there was a tremendous case for investing in ultrafast broadband to connect up these much cheaper areas of the country to live in. The next decade promises self-driving cars, virtual and enhanced reality presence, the internet of things, cargo-carrying drones and above all, cloud-based services and remote education in abundance. When this happens, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if we start to see a reverse to urban scaling and people choosing to live and work further out from city centres where rents have become stratospheric.