New individual postcode pages, July 2014 data and updated tax credit info

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We have just updated for July 2014. At this time of year, the stand-out hotspots across the country tend to be music festivals for drug crime when looking for biggest change month on month. So we had Glastonbury in June and the “Global Gathering” in Stratford-Upon-Avon in July. Of course they stand out because for 2 or a few days, the local population dramatically increases and so you can’t readjust for daytime or residential population for given lower layer super output areas, postcode sectors or neighbourhoods.

Secondly, we now have individual postcode pages for not just every valid postcode – about 1.7 million but also 700,000 discontinued postcodes.

Here’s the postcode page for 10 Downing Street, home only to the Prime Minister

Just type in your postcode to the search box and it will take you straight there – it is an unmatched free resource for postcode matching to different authorities, zones etc.. Feel free to link to whatever postcode you like – we have more data coming in shortly. You can also see how many postcodes are in a given postcode and how many men and women are resident.

Finally, we have just updated the Tax Credit info on the Postcode Data Generator, our premium product. show the number of families benefiting from Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Working Tax Credit (WTC) in each LSOA or Scottish Data Zone and the number of children in these families. The data is from the financial year 2012/13 based on families’ entitlements at given the family size, hours worked, childcare costs and disabilities at that date, and their latest reported incomes. Incorporated are out of work families with children who receive the same level of support as provided by CTC, but where it is paid as child allowances in Income Support or income -based Jobseeker’s Allowance (IS/JSA).