Update – London Assembly + London Assembly Constituencies “Other” crime bug now fixed

Posted: August 31st, sales 2012  Author:   No Comments »

Ok, cialis sale we got this done quicker than I hoped for. Boris Johnson and his brethren will be pleased to here that we now have all crime figure correctly displayed for the London Assembly area as a whole and the 14 London Assembly Constituencies – like this one – Croydon and Sutton. Please note, these figures will differ slightly from the London Met. figures because the boundaries are almost certainly slightly different at the edges and we do not show crimes with no location.

In the meantime, I’m curious to see what impact the Olympics had on crime – it should be possible to discern a difference compared to the previous year. We won’t have August data until the beginning of October and to look back 12 months or further, you only need membership starting at just £9.99 a month.

I also wonder sometimes if great as it is that we have an elected Mayor in London, a separate elected Police Chief wouldn’t be a bad idea either. As the elections hot up for Police Crime Commissioners across the country, you sense that London is missing out somewhat.