Jan 2012 now live on UKCrimeStats – time to join

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We now have a database of 7.6 million crimes and ASB incidents spanning the period Dec 2010 to Jan 2012. With a subscription starting at just £9.99 a month you can compare your selected crime types or all of them between Jan 2012 and Jan 2011 (or any other month or time period)  across all of these and export the data to excel.  You can even ask the database which of your selected type of locations had the biggest increase between time periods and export that data too. We’ve had a lot of compliments with what we’ve done with the data from Police Forces, Insurance Analysts, Journalists and Open Data and Database Enthusiasts and just everyday people who want a better idea than Police.uk can give them of what’s going on in their area. Our moving heatmap for anywhere in England and Wales is also a first.

UKCrimeStats is now a proven and media-trusted platform. To explore what membership of UKCrimeStats can discover for you, see our membership page here.

Finally, we are announcing a major new innovation next week too. And it’s still early days for what we can do with UKCrimeStats – so please keep watching this space and a big thankyou to all of you for your continued support.