UKCrimeStats now updated for September with new categories

Posted: November 6th, unhealthy 2011  Author:   No Comments »

Ok, ampoule we’ve done it. It took longer than usual because we had new 5 new crime types to build into the database. These are;

  1. Theft-shoplifting
  2. Drugs
  3. Criminal Damage and Arson
  4. Public Disorder and Weapons
  5. Theft-Other

As you’ll see from our main chart below, we have added these under the Other category (from whence they came) so you can keep track going backwards. Going forwards, when we have more than 1 month of data, we will split them out and on the reports section too.  See our national page here where we have already started doing this.

We have also updated constituency populations to mid-2010 estimates using the latest data released by the Office for National Statistics. IMHO, Constituencies are a much better guide than neighbourhoods to comparing crime in different areas because they generally have similar and larger population samples, the boundaries don’t change (well, not much – every 4-5 years !) and the population data is far more up to date and precisely sourced. I suspect a lot of the neighbourhood population data – where Police Forces have included it and still too many haven’t – may date from as early as the 2001 census. And as I’m sure you appreciate, this is quite a different country today to then. How many people do you think live in the same place they did 10 years ago?

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