2 Reasons for medium term optimism on oil prices

Leaving aside environmental concerns around oil, I managed belatedly to find some grounds for optimism to balance my previous post. Ok, it’s only two reasons and they’re about the world in 2015-2025 or so, but that’s the best I could do !

1. Iraq – really surprised almost no one has picked up on this. Iraqi production is currently around 2.7m bpd but could well reach 9m bpd by the middle of the next decade. This will massively alter the balance of power in OPEC – the Saudis won’t be too thrilled – as Iraq is not part of OPEC’s allocation system. I picked this up in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Europe in a section by IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates – of Daniel Yergin fame.

2. Shale oil – the technology that revolutionised the US natural gas industry – hydraulic fracturing – is now coming to oil. Optimists are saying that shale oil production could cut US oil import needs by 20% within 5-6 years.